Sayonara Party


Come to fabulous Tsutajima, a small island off the coast from Nio for new memories with old friends.

In traditional Kagawa AJET fashion, we will send off our good friends in style by camping out for one night on this uninhabited island in the Seto Sea.

There will be beach games, great conversation, BBQing, and swimming with the famed 海ボタル (sea fireflies).

AJET is renting the island, BBQs, tents, blankets, etc., so all you have to bring is your awesome self, over-night camping stuff, and FOOD and DRINK (don’t forget the water!).

This is an event not to be missed!

The last ferry leaves at 5pm, if you miss it, you will have to swim across.

Glowing Algae

Sayonara Dinner

Last year's Sayonara Dinner

This year’s Sayonara Dinner will be held again at Zawatami, we will have a nice dinner and get to reminisce over people’s time in Japan. We have a set course dinner with 3 hours of Nomihodai.

Cost is 3500円 for anyone staying, and 500円 for anyone leaving.  It is on the 11th July starting at 6.30pm. Please join us and share some memories.

Kagawa AJET Charity Ball 2014

The lovely Mary Vo

The lovely Mary Vo

This years Kagawa AJET Ball was a great success, the ladies looked beautiful, the men looked dashing. There was fantastic food and delightful cocktails, finished with some dubious dancing.  As if that wasn’t good enough, we also raised over 4万円 ($400) for the fight against Polio, which will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2 to 1 which boasts the donation to 12万円.

The Kagawa AJET Ball is run every year to raise money for charity, in previous years we have supported the Takamatsu based Second Hand charity which provides aid for Tohoku Earthquake Relief, and for Cambodian orphanages. But this year we decided to donate the money to fight Polio.

Polio is a devastating disease that primarily affects children, paralysing their muscles until they are no longer able to breath by themselves. The mortality rate is high for Polio, and even if the patient survives they are usually crippled and confined to bed or a wheelchair.

It is a terrifying and terrible disease that is easy to prevent with a simple injection or pill but it is rife is areas that have little contact with the outside world. The money raised will be used to take healthcare experts to these remote corners of the world and give the children these much needed vaccines.

Special Thanks to Mary Vo for organising this event, and to everyone else for helping and coming.


This is gonna be fun!

This is gonna be fun!

We are very excited to announce the Kagawa AJET Charity Ball!

Please join us for a fun night of Dressing Up, Drinking and Dancing on Saturday 7th June, all proceeds will go to End Polio, a charity dedicated to eradicating the devastating disease Polio.

Along with fighting Polio, you will be able to enjoy 3 hours of all you can drink, a fantastic buffet and 3 hours of dancing at the funky Cantina, which is only a 5 minute walk from Takamatsu station.

The event starts at 7pm and formal dress is required.



Welcome to Kagawa

Hello and welcome to Kagawa AJET,

We are getting this website up and running, so please check back soon. We will have information about past events, future events and information for new JETs coming to Kagawa.

For now please look at these sites for some more information:

Christmas Party 2013

AJET Christmas Party at Palms

AJET Christmas Party at Palms

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas Party this year, we played games, ate hamburgers, listened to Christmas music and had a holly jolly time.

On top of all this we raised 15000円 for the Phillippines Earthquake Relief Fund. So we gave our good will to some unfortunate men and women too!

Come and join us next year for more fun and games!

Halloween 2013

Last year’s Halloween Ball was great fun, we had amazing decorations, lush tunes, tasty snacks and fabulous costumes. We raised enough money to fund the AJET Leaver’s Island Party and the Leaver’s Dinner. We hope everyone had fun and we look forward to next year!


Indiana Jones and his Lady

Indiana Jones and his Lady

A bunch of unsavory characters

A bunch of unsavory characters

What a Wally (Wally is Waldo's English name!)

What a Wally (Wally is Waldo’s English name!)

The Kagawa AJET Team in all their glory

The Kagawa AJET Team in all their glory